Why buy Refurbished…?

“Why not?” is the real question! Buying cheap used laptops, desktops and other quality used IT makes really good sense for a number of reasons. For often less than one quarter of the price of new IT you can get a cheap laptop or other equipment that performs to a similar level as new equipment these days. So, these are three key questions to consider when buying a used laptop, other computer, monitor or accessories.

  • What is my budget ?
  • What quality do I require ?
  • Do I need to buy NEW ?

What is my Budget…?

Shiny new stuff looks good! But soon the shine is gone and for roughly between one quarter and one fifth of the price of a new computer you can buy quality refurbished IT with hardware that is nearly comparable.

This is because hardware development is now more “evolutionary” than “revolutionary” meaning this year’s model is no longer leaps and bounds ahead in performance compared to models that are one to two years old.

Why not buy a laptop cheap when it will function and look “as new”?

What quality do I require ?

Quality and price go hand in hand. You can buy new “consumer level” IT at numerous stores for “entry level” prices. However, if you want greater quality and performance it goes without saying you will pay more.

Refurbished IT bridges the gap between quality and price; you can buy a higher quality fully refurbished “nearly new” computer for less than the cost of an entry level consumer computer.

In other word, a refurbished cheap laptop or other computer gives you access to a level of sophistication and performance that you may not otherwise be able to afford.

New vs Refurbished ?

Refurbished makes good sense versus new. You can shop smarter for cheap used laptops and other IT; affording good quality and higher specifications for very reasonable prices.

And we take the hassle out of buying refurbished laptops, desktops, monitors, servers, accessories etc. Browse around our selection and you will see what we mean.


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