This is a valid question when buying an Ex-lease or second hand Computer.

What to expect.

Nearly all of the equipment we sell is Ex Corporate Lease, and has usually come off a 2 year lease, being that the lease period matches the manufactures warraty, and they have been in a managed environment.

When we receive the computers from the lease holder, we Refurbish them.

This entails:Correctly identifying the specification of the machine.Recording the machines’ serial number and corresponding specifications.Noting any technical faults with the machine.Noting any excessive marks or scratches on the machine.Securely Wiping the previous client data from the machine.Cleaning the machine ready for sale to its new users.Reloading Microsoft Windows and Drivers as licensed
(May also include upgrading to a Registured Refurbisher License)

To this end, we class our Ex-lease – Grade A units as:In perfect working technical condition.Very good physical condition – Slight marks from use, noting that this is a second hand machine.Fit for sale, sight unseen.

On occasion, we do get Grade – B machines returned from lease.

If we deem these ‘Fit for Sale’ for whatever issues have caused their ‘Grade – B’ clasification, they will be in perfect working order from a technical stand point.

We will offer these for sale, clearly noting that it has a classification of ‘Grade – B’

Grade – B classification will consist of:Noticeable marks on the case or lid of the machine.Small non-structural cracks in the body of the machine.Slight discoloration of the plastic from the sun or Lease-holders stickers.Very minor scratches on the LCD panel (Laptops & Monitors)

Please note, these units are in Perfect Technical Working Order.

We do also class some units as Grade – C.

These Grade – C units will never be offered for sale on this site, and only offer these to our wholesale customer, usualy for parts.

Giving you confidence in all items listed on this site.

If you have any hesitation about our Grading System, please feel free to give us a call.