What is “Less than perfect”…?

We Pride ourselves on supplying quality refurbished I.T. Equipment at a fraction of the price of a new unit.

When items come in to our warehouse, we check thing like:

  • All internal parts are present and in working order (Motherboard, CPU, Hard Drive, Wifi, ETC)
  • We check LCD panels for scratches and blemishes (Monitors & Laptops)
  • We check for any physical damage to the outer casing.
  • In general, we check that the device is working as it should, and is presented well.

As you can imagine, with the 1000’s of individual units we turn over each and every year, not all of them are in ‘A Grade” condition.

We have three general grades we classify a unit in to.

  • A Grade
    Perfect technical condition, very good external condition (Noting it is a used item)
    Happy to be purchased sight un-seen.
  • B Grade
    These units are essentially ‘A Grade’ units, but they have small and minor cosmetic issue.
    Where we sell these ‘B Grade’ units is in our ‘Cost Effective’ section, noting the issue, and with actual photos of the unit.
    These units are cheaper then there ‘A Grade’ counterparts, and in general, people are very happy with them.
  • C Grade
    C Grade units have a technical fault and will not be sold via our website.

What sort of issues cause something to become ‘B Grade’…?

The sort of issues that will cause something to be classed as ‘B Grade’ or ‘Less than perfect’ are:

  • External Case Scratches
  • Minor case dents
  • Small non-structural case cracks
  • Case discoloration
  • Minor screen blemish
  • Minor screen scratch

In all cases, we will take a photo of the actual unit and issue, so you can judge for yourself the condition the unit is in.

We generally have both A Grade & B Grade units in stock at the same time.

All of our ‘Less than perfect’ units are still covered under our warranty and ‘extended warranty
This is because, even though the units are as we affectionally put it ‘Less than perfect’ we have full confidence in them.

Moreover, we also offer a 7 day right of return for the hardware cost if you are are for what ever reason not entirely happy with the unit.
Simply contact us, return the unit, and we will provide a refund.