What is an SSD and why should I have one


What is an SSD, and why is it a recommended upgrade.

Simply put, an SSD is the new type of Hard Drive.
It is faster, 6 – 20 time faster than a Mechanical Hard Drive.

All computers need a Hard Drive to store your Operating System, Applications and Data.
Having your Operating System and Applications on an SSD as opposed to a Hard Drive will make the computer feel faster. Windows will load faster, your applications will load more quickly, your menu’s will be more responsive.
Installing an SSD makes the computer more comfortable to use.

We offer SSD upgrades on most of the Computers and Laptops we sell.
While many of them may already have a SSD installed, some have the older style Hard Drive.
Hard drives work perfectly well, albeit a bit slower, and we offer these to keep the cost of the unit low.
However, it is recommended to upgrade the SSD when available.

What is an SSD and why are they better.

What talking about SSD’s an HDD’s we are simply talking about two different eras of technology to do essentially the same thing.
SSD – Solid State Drive | Made up of fast memory chips with no moving parts.
HDD – Hard Disk Drive | Uses a spinning metal platter, like an LP to store your data on.

SSDs are so much faster because the drive does not have to spin up, the read/write heads to not have to move to find the data required, and they use newer ports within the computer to transfer data at a higher rate.

SSDs also have some other smaller benefits as well.

  • They use less power | No moving parts mean they use less power.
  • They generate less heat | using less power also means they produce less heat.
  • They are less susceptible to vibration | with no moving parts, they are very happy in laptops, which get moved around while powered up.