What laptop should i buy

What laptop should you buy…?

Only you can really answer that for yourself, but i will give you my thoughts and hopefully provide some insight.

I, being NZ Laptop Wholesale, sell mainly Business Grade Computers. Notably Refurbished Ex-lease Laptops and Desktops.

This brings us to our first couple of questions.

  • What do you mean “Ex-lease”…?
  • What do you mean “Refurbished”…?
  • What do you mean “Business Grade”…?

Refurbished Ex-lease

Essentially this means they are used items, but they are not used like in the sense of items typically sold on TradeMe.
These laptops have been used by larger corporate business’s, generally in a well-managed business setting with a complete I.T. team behind them.
Due to the way a substantially large business works, it is in their best interest financially, not to own any of these I.T. assets, but instead Lease them.
They typically lease them or 2 – 3 years, at which time their Lease Contract will expire, and they will enter a new agreement for a new round of Laptops.
This is where NZ Laptop Wholesale enters the picture. We take care of the “End-of-Lease” items, and we are good at this. We have been doing this for over 15 years.

What is involved with the ‘End-of-Lease” processes.

After the business’s in-house I.T. Team receive the new shipment of laptops along with there new lease agreement, they manage the replacement of their users’ laptops.
From there we take the removed items and process them.

  • Inbound freight to our warehouse
  • Unpacking and counting
  • Serial number recording and reporting
  • Multipoint health-check, including any require repairs
  • Secure data wiping (Standards Compliant Data Erasure)
  • Reloading the Operating System and Device Drivers
  • Device cleaning and repackaging

From here, the device is what we call “Professionally Refurbished” and ready for resale.

Business Grade

A computer is a computer is a computer…? Right.

Well, yes and no.

All computers do essentially the same thing, they process machine code (the 1’s and 0’s) and through “magic and voodoo” shall we say, give you the desktop experience we users get to enjoy every day to preform either mundane tasks or play graphically rich games.

Some are big, some are small, some fast, some slow.

What makes a Business Grade machine different from a Consumer Grade machine.

Design, Build Quality, Component Quality and the OEM Warranty.

Consumer Grade Laptops and designed cheaply to less exacting standards than business grade laptops. These are sold via big-box stores at low prices with high turnover.

Business Grade Laptops and built and designed with a much longer life-cycle in mind.
As a business, you want to know your laptops will stand the test-of-time, after all, if your computers start to fail, its not just the cost of the hardware on the line, but the cost of an unproductive employee siting and his or her desk without a computer. For this reason, Business Grade units are built to a much better standard and using higher quality components.

Talking of “Life-cycle”, as a business owner who has designed the business systems around a certain platform of laptop or computer, you want to be assured by the manufacture that the newer model coming next year, will fit in to your business with little to no interruption.

OEM Warranty.

When new, the warranty provided on business laptops far exceeds that of what you get when buying from a big-box store.

Consumer grade warranties are usually only 12 months RTB.
RTB = Return to Base. This means if your laptop develops a fault you have to return it to the manufacture (not the purchasing store) and hope they agree with your definition of ‘Fault’.

Business grade warranties are 36 months on-site next business day replacement.
If a business laptop fails, the manufacture will simply replace the unit for the business, as the biggest expense is the cost of an unproductive employee.

I highlight this simply to show the build quality difference between the two.

While the OEM Warranty has expired on the Ex-lease units, we are confident in our processes, that we gladly provide our own warranty on all items we sell.

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